If a patient requests that you keep a specific encounter confidential from all or some of your clinic members, you can specify who can access those encounter notes. By default, all encounter notes are visible to all users.

In an emergency, restricted users who have the Patient Chart/Encounter Accessibility Controls permission can still view restricted encounters, but they must state the reason for the override. This entry is saved in the patient's chart, with a red icon within the Recent Activity section, making it easy to see from the patient dashboard if someone "broke the glass" (see Reviewing recent activity). Users who do not have this permission cannot break the glass, even in an emergency situation.

You can also restrict access to an entire patient chart (see Restricting access to patient charts).


1. Open the specific encounter note.

2. At the top of the encounter note, click Accessibility.

The Accessible Users window appears.

3. Select the user(s) who can access the encounter and click Save.

If a user does not have access to an encounter and attempts to access it, the following message appears.

Updated April 2, 2022

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