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Logging in to your clinic's appointment booking site (for patients)
Logging in to your clinic's appointment booking site (for patients)
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Your clinic typically provides you with a link to access their online booking site. Alternatively, you can type the URL address https://<clinicname> into your web browser.

📌 Note: If you are a new patient and your clinic allows new patients to request an appointment online, click No to log in. You can now request an appointment from the Make a Request window. See Requesting an appointment online using your clinic's online booking site (for patients).


1. To log in as an existing patient, click Yes.

The Patient Login window appears.

2. Use the table below to complete the fields.

⚠️ Important: The information you enter must match the information the clinic has on record. If not, an error message appears.



Last Name

Type your last name. It must match the last name in your patient record.

⚠️ Important:

  • You must enter your last name in sentence case. For example, Smith not SMITH or smith.

  • If you have a hyphenated surname or a surname with two capital letters, ensure you capitalize where appropriate, include the hyphens and do not include extra spaces. This must match exactly how it appears in your patient record.

Date of Birth

Select the month, day and year of your birth date.


Select Female, Male or Other.


Enter your provincial health number in the Card Number (e.g. 1234567890) field. Do not type the version number.

If the province initials do not match your health number, select the correct ones from the menu.

📌 Note: If your clinic uses private identifications and you do not know your ID number, contact your clinic.


Select Mobile or Email.

Depending on the above choice, enter your mobile number or email address in the Select Mobile/Email first field. This is used to send a one-time passcode to your selected method.

📌 Note: The mobile number or email address must match the ones in your patient record.

3. Click Login.

A one-time passcode window appears.

A one-time passcode is sent to your mobile phone or email depending on what you selected above.

4. Enter the passcode you received in the One time passcode... field.

📌 Note: Depending on your clinic's eBooking settings, your password expires after a specified time.

5. Click Login.

Updated March 4, 2022

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