Deleting provincial bills (Alberta)
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If you create a bill by mistake or receive payment for a bill in error, you can delete the bill.

As long as the bill has not been submitted to the province (AHCIP), i.e. its status is Draft or Ready to Send, or the bill is invalid, you can delete it altogether.

Once a bill is submitted, you can no longer delete it. You must wait for the bill to be processed by AHCIP:

  • If AHCIP refuses the claim, you can edit and resubmit the claim (see Managing refused or invalid bills), or you can manually change the bill's status to Cancelled or Completed, depending on your clinic’s workflow.

  • If the bill was paid, partially paid or paid at zero, you must submit a Delete claim.


  1. Open the patient's chart.

    💡 Tip: To open the patient's chart from the bill, beside the patient's name, click the patient icon.

  2. Click Start/Open > Insured Billing. A list of insured bills created for this patient displays.

  3. To delete an unsubmitted bill (draft, ready to submit or invalid):

    1. Beside the bill, click the Delete icon.

    2. Click Okay to confirm that you want to continue. The bill is permanently deleted.

  4. To delete a paid or adjusted bill:

    1. Click the bill.

    2. Click the information icon next to the billing item.

    3. Click the downward arrow next to the transaction with the Paid status and select Resubmit - Delete.

    4. Change the status to Ready To Submit and save the bill. If your Delete claim is accepted by AHCIP, the status of the claim changes to Cancelled. The paid amount is set to zero.

Updated June 29, 2022

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