Accessing CareConnect from the CHR requires the following registration and setup.

  • CareConnect registration: You must have already registered with the Provincial Health Services Authority for CareConnect and obtained a username and password for CareConnect. (See the Provincial Health Services Authority CareConnect website for more information and to sign up).

  • CHR CareConnect integration configuration: An administrator must enable CareConnect in the CHR for the clinic, and each user must enable it for their CHR account. For more information, see Configuring the CareConnect integration.

  • If you are not connecting from the Private Physician Network (PPN), the BC Services app is required for multi-factor authentication. If you do not have it set up already, you can do so the first time you access CareConnect from the CHR (see Accessing CareConnect from the CHR). Also, only providers can access CareConnect if you are not connecting from the PPN.

Updated May 24, 2022

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