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Adding a patient from the Client Registry to the CHR (PEI)
Adding a patient from the Client Registry to the CHR (PEI)
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If a patient's chart does not yet exist in the CHR, you can create the chart from the provincial Client Registry. This ensures you do not create duplicate patient records, and saves time because much of the demographic information will be pre-populated for you.

You can add a new patient to the CHR from the Client Registry from the Patients window, when booking an appointment, and when viewing an item in the Inbox.

⚠️ Important: For a resident of Prince Edward Island, do not use the button to add a new patient. Find them in the Client Registry and create the chart from there.

Once you add the patient from the Client Registry, you record and edit additional demographic information such as address and emergency contacts from the Patient Data section of the chart. For more information, see Updating patient demographic information (PEI).


1. Search for the patient. If you do not find any matches, select the Registry checkbox to search for the patient in the Client Registry.

2. Locate the patient in the list of matches from the Client Registry and click Create Chart.

3. The New Patient window opens, with information such as the patient's name, sex, birthdate, phone numbers and Medicare number already populated. For more information on data that is provided from the Client Registry, see Data exchanged between the CHR and the Client Registry.

4. Select the patient's Primary Practitioner and Primary Location.

📌 Note: The Primary Location defaults to the location the current user has selected when the chart is created. Ensure the Primary Location is set to the patient's primary practitioner's location. (If the patient's primary practitioner is not using the CHR, you can leave the primary location as the default).

5. Click Save. The patient chart opens.

📌 Note: Once you save the new patient, the Medicare eligibility, secondary address and date of death (if available) are added to the CHR using information from the Client Registry. To view the Medicare eligibility, click the gear icon to the right of the patient's Medicare number in the General tab of the patient demographics.

6. Record and/or update patient demographics from the Patient Data section of the chart. See Updating patient demographic information (PEI).

⚠️ Important: Any changes to the patient's address(es) must be done from the Patient Data section of the chart, otherwise the information will not flow back to the Client Registry. As a best practice, we recommend you record and edit all patient demographics via Patient Data. That method also provides the option to record more information such as multiple emergency (or other) contacts and primary and secondary languages.

Updated April 5, 2022

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