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Integrating Dynacare eResults with your CHR account
Integrating Dynacare eResults with your CHR account
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In Ontario and Manitoba, the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) integrates with Dynacare. Dynacare is a laboratory testing facility in Canada that offers diagnostic testing.

With this integration, Dynacare lab results are securely transmitted to your CHR inbox. You can then share the electronic lab results with other CHR users at your clinic and with your patient through our encrypted messaging tool.

⚠️ Important:

  • Labs are routed based on the providers billing number. Please ensure that all billing numbers are entered accurately in the providers profiles. For more information, see Updating your user profile information.

  • The CHR pulls lab results from the lab distributor every 15 minutes.

Requesting an integration from Dynacare

If all providers at your clinic want to receive labs from Dynacare electronically within the CHR, you must register all providers with Dynacare eResults before we can complete the Dynacare lab integration.

⚠️ Important: The Dynacare sign-up process turnaround time can take between 2-4 weeks.


  1. Complete the user registration form on the Dynacare website:
    📌 Note: Under EMR vendor details, the Provider Name is TELUS Health, Software is CHR, and Telephone Number is +1 888-369-3643.

    ⚠️ Important: When you complete the form, you must add every clinic provider and their details.

  2. Once you submit the online form, you receive an email with the subject Dynacare eResults User Registration.

  3. Once Dynacare has registered your details on their system, you receive a second email (Subject: electronic results to your EMR) with a distribution id and temporary password.

  4. Contact your CHR project manager or contact the CHR support team via the support bubble (see Contact us), who will work with you to complete the Dynacare lab integration in your CHR.
    📌 Note: We require your Dynacare distribution id and temporary password to complete the Dynacare integration in your CHR domain.

Once the integration is complete, you should start to receive lab reports in provider CHR inboxes. The CHR pulls lab results from the lab distributor every 15 minutes. If you encounter any errors or if lab reports do not download, contact our TELUS CHR Support Team.

📌 Note: If a new provider joins your clinic, complete the same eResults user registration form as in step one. In the Account Information section, Is this a new setup in your practice/organization, select No. The new provider should start seeing Dynacare lab results in their CHR inbox in the next few days.

Created: April 11, 2022

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