Indicator for mandatory fields

Mandatory fields in the CHR are now marked with a red asterisk. You can now easily see which fields must be filled out, unlike in the past when you saved and realised you missed a required field only when an error message appeared.

📌 Note: The Required label above some mandatory fields in the CHR has been replaced with a red asterisk.

Double-booking providers for group visits

You can now add a provider to a group visit even if they already have an appointment or another group visit booked in the same time slot. When you save the group visit, a warning still appears but you can click Skip to continue. See Booking group visits.

Receiving incomplete Qnaire alerts in your inbox

You can notify a user with an incomplete Qnaire alert if, after a defined period, the patient did not complete their scheduled, recurring or follow-up Qnaire.

To prevent incomplete Qnaire alerts being sent to an incorrect email address or mobile phone number, you must now select the user to receive the notification from a list. That user will now receive the incomplete Qnaire alert in their CHR Inbox instead of their email or mobile phone.

📌 Note: Existing scheduled Qnaires that have the incomplete Qnaire alert configured will not change. These alerts will still be sent to the email or phone number that was entered.

We also changed the field name Incomplete Qnaire Alerts to Internal Clinic Reminder to make it clear that these alerts are intended for clinic users only.

Renamed prescription Fax History button to Send History

When faxing a prescription and specifying the fax recipient, you can click Fax History to see and select from the last ten pharmacies used to fax a prescription for the specific patient. We have renamed the Fax History button to Send History.


  • Configured clinic disclaimers now appear at the start of a patient’s pre-visit Qnaire.

  • When customising the summary view for the entire clinic and applying the settings to one or more providers, you no longer see an error message.

What's new in the CHR help:

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