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CHR Release Notes - version 22.14
CHR Release Notes - version 22.14

August 3, 2022

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What’s new

TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) Mobile app

TELUS Health is pleased to launch the free CHR Mobile app for providers. It enables you to stay connected to your practice and your patients while on the go. You can access your patient records anytime and anywhere from any Apple® or Android™ smartphone. Through the security of our CHR infrastructure, the app allows you to:

  • Add new patients

  • View patient files and lab results

  • Access specific parts of patient records

  • Quickly and securely upload patient photos

  • View your schedule

  • Book appointments

  • Add and remove time off in the schedule

For more information, see TELUS Collaborative Health Record Mobile.

Medications are now available in flowsheets

You can add a medication to a flowsheet in order to see medication data over time alongside a patient's relevant lab results, injections, social history, and other patient data elements.

Each medication record displayed in the flowsheet can show dose, frequency, duration, and start date. You can select an item to see additional details, including multiple dosages. CHR-6934

To learn more about flowsheets, explore the Flowsheets collection in the CHR Education Centre.

Zebra GK420D label printer support

The CHR now supports the Zebra GK420D label printer. CHR-13578

To learn more about connecting the label printer to your CHR, see Setting up your Zebra label printer.

More improvements

  • Pump(s) is now an available unit for prescription dose and quantity. CHR-11456

  • The system now shows the login screen after logging you out for inactivity. CHR-9548

  • In Manitoba, diagnostic imaging results now map to more descriptive section names instead of "Other" when external exam codes don't match. CHR-13595

  • In Prince Edward Island, you can now choose the facility type "Virtual Care" with all fee codes. CHR-13685


  • When you export a patient chart or add an attachment to a referral, the Lab section displays 15 labs per page instead of 3. CHR-13338

  • When you fax a form without a cover page and leave the CC Recipient field blank, the system no longer adds the patient’s family doctor as a carbon copy (CC) recipient. CHR-13321

  • The "mL" dosage unit now appears in the dosage instructions when you generate a PDF copy of a prescription. You no longer need to enter "mL" in the Dose field for PDF prescriptions. CHR-12006

  • In Prince Edward Island, labs in the inbox no longer show an incorrect abnormal value count for consolidated lab reports containing multiple tests with the same accession number. CHR-12891

  • In Prince Edward Island, when you add an insured billing item to the Billing section of an encounter template for the first time after a refresh or login, the Edit Billing Item dialog now properly appears for you to fill out. CHR-13010

What’s new in the CHR help

Here’s what we recently added to the CHR help (

Are you looking for an article on how to configure certain CHR features? The CHR has many customizations you can use to fit your clinic and users' specific needs. See Configuring your CHR, outlining how you can personalise your CHR.

Off-schedule release notes

Do you wonder if a bug you reported was fixed? We release new CHR versions every two weeks and include the improvements and bug fixes in our CHR release notes collection. However, there are times when we release fixes before the next scheduled release. To learn more about fixes in these releases, visit CHR off-schedule release notes.

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