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Viewing patient chart sections in split screen
Viewing patient chart sections in split screen
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In patient summary view, you can view different patient chart sections in split screen. This facilitates the ongoing review of patient care by enabling you to display patient chart sections side-by-side in a split screen. For example, reviewing prescriptions while viewing vitals. For information on patient summary view, see Navigating the patient summary.


  1. Search for and access the desired patient's chart. See Searching for patients.

  2. If not selected already, at the top of the chart, click the Summary icon.

  3. To view a section in split screen, click the details arrow on the right side of the section header.

    The patient summary view changes to a split screen view.

    💡 Tip: You can also view sections in split screen by going to Start/Open > click the split screen icon for the desired section.

    💡 Tips:

    • To exit the split screen, click the X at the top-right of the section displayed in the split screen.

    • If you are already viewing a section in split screen and select another section, the second section is immediately displayed in place of the first.

Updated March 02, 2023

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