⚠️ Important: This is currently a beta feature, available to a few CHR beta users in order to test and provide feedback. It will be available to more users once the beta period is complete.

After you've sent a consult report to Alberta Netcare via CII (see Sending consult reports to Alberta Netcare via CII), you can see the submission status as well as a copy of the consult report from the Patient Outbox and the ordering provider's Outbox. An entry is made for the method of delivery (i.e. fax or email) as well as for the copy sent to Netcare.

If you included a cover page, it will be removed in the copy of the consult report sent to Netcare. Also, a header and footer is added to each page of the PDF. The header includes the patient's name, birthdate, health number and gender. The footer includes the page count.

There are two copies of the consult report in the Patient Outbox in the CHR - the one that was faxed or emailed, and the one that was sent to Netcare. The faxed or emailed report in the Patient Outbox is the original version (i.e. including a cover page and missing the header and footer). Once the consult report is successfully sent to Netcare, the Netcare version you see in Patient Outbox includes the header and footer and has the cover page removed.

📌 Note: The CHR checks every 5 minutes for data to send to Netcare, so the status may take several minutes to update from pending to the final status.


1. Open the patient's chart and choose Start/Open > Patient Outbox.

💡 Tip: To filter the Patient Outbox to view only items sent to Netcare, choose Netcare from the list on the top right of the window.

📌 Note: If you are the ordering provider on the outgoing referral (consult report), you can also see the status from your Outbox. Open your Outbox and navigate to the date the consult report was sent. (If you sent the consult report on behalf of a provider, your outbox will show only the emailed or faxed copy).

There are several possible submission statuses:

  • Sent - Pending: The consult report has been submitted but is awaiting confirmation whether it was successful or not.

  • Sent - Success: The consult report was successfully submitted to Alberta Netcare.

  • Sent - Failed: The consult report failed to send to Alberta Netcare. This may be due to connectivity issues with CII or if validation of the required fields failed.

  • Deleted - Pending: The request to delete the consult report from Alberta Netcare has been submitted but is awaiting confirmation whether it was successful or not. For more information, see Deleting a consult report from Alberta Netcare.

  • Deleted - Success: The consult report was successfully deleted from Alberta Netcare and replaced with the cancelled report PDF.

  • Deleted - Failed: The consult report was not deleted from Alberta Netcare. The original consult report is still available, instead of the cancelled report.

2. To view a copy of the consult report, click the Consult Report heading in the Patient Outbox. (If you are in the provider's Outbox, click the button with the arrow to the right of the status).

If the consult report has a successful status, you will see the PDF copy that is available on Alberta Netcare (no cover page, with a header and footer added to each page). If the consult report has a status of pending or failed, you will see the original version from the CHR (including the cover page if you selected one, and without the additional header and footer).

📌 Note: You can always see the original version of the consult report by selecting the copy of the report that was faxed or emailed.

Updated October 4, 2022

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