You can create Qnaires with pre-filled questions, asking patients to confirm or update the specific information already documented in their patient chart. For example demographics like address, contact number .

This information is pulled from the patient's chart into the Qnaire and then pushed back to the patient's chart if edited by the patient.

You can use such Qnaires to ensure that patient demographic and medical information are up to date.

Once a patient receives a Qnaire, they complete it by adding to, confirming or updating the answers to the questions asked. When you access their chart, you must confirm, edit or reject the updates and then apply those changes. Only then is the information added or updated in the patient charts patient data section. This reduces the administrative burden for clinic users.


1. From the Questions page within an existing Qnaire, scroll to a form question type where you want patient data to pull in as the answer and, if changed, pushed back into the patient chart.

See Creating Qnaires for information on how to navigate to the Questions page.

2. In the Base Patient Data Property, select the data point that must pre-fill information from the patient’s chart and, if changed, pushed back to the patient’s chart:

  • Click the first field to select a patient data category.

  • Click the second field to select a data point.

📌Note: The response options in a Qnaire depend on the Base patient data property you select. For example, when you select Demographics > Contacts, all possible data points are presented. You cannot limit it to only email and mobile phone number.

3. Beside Pre-fill from Patient Data, select Yes.

📌Note: The patient can change the answer or confirm it. If you select No, the patient must type the answer to the question.

4. For the patient’s response to automatically populate the patient data point selected above, select Yes beside Update patient data.

5. For you to first confirm, edit or reject the incoming patient data to populate the patient’s chart, select No beside Update patient data. The patient's response does not automatically populate the patient data point selected above.

Created November 16, 2022

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