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Adding form question types to Qnaires
Adding form question types to Qnaires
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You can allow patients to confirm, update, or enter new information using the form question type. Clinics mostly use this type of question to update demographic and medical information in patient charts.

Upon completion, the information is added or updated in the patient chart once you have approved it. This reduces the administrative burden in clinics.

📌 Note: When a patient submits a completed Qnaire with form question types, and you open their patient chart in the CHR, an Update Information Requests window appears. You can either Confirm, Edit, or Reject the incoming patient data and and update the patient chart accordingly. For example, you can ask a patient to enter contact details. Once you have confirmed and applied this information, it automatically appears in the demographics section of the patient chart.


1. From the main menu, click Qnaires.

2. Start a new Qnaire or select an existing one. See Creating and modifying Qnaires.

3. Click the Questions tab and in the top-left corner, click New Question.

📌Note: At the bottom of your Qnaire, you can also click +New Question.

A New Content box with the possible question types appears.

4. Under Choose Type, click Form.

A new window opens.

5. Fill out the applicable fields using the below table:



New question

Type the question.

Question Subtext (optional)

Type any additional information related to the question.

This appears under the main question.

Question Label (optional)

To change the way the question appears (i.e shortened) in the Qnaire responses, type the label.

For example:

Question: Please confirm your address.

Question label: Address.

The label appears on the answer sheet in patient charts as Address.


Select Yes to make the question optional or No to make it mandatory.

Base Patient Data Property

Select the data point that must be pre-filled with the patient's answer:

  • Click the first field to select a patient data category.

  • Click the second field to select a data point.

The response options that appear in a Qnaire depend on your selections in the Base patient data property. For example, when you select Demographics > Contacts, all possible data points are presented. You cannot limit it to only email and mobile phone.

Pre-fill from Patient Data

Select Yes if you want the patient data point to be pre-filled with information from the patient’s chart. The patient can change the answer or confirm it.

Select No if you want the patient to type the answer.

Update patient data

Select Yes, if you want the answer to populate the patient data point selected above.

📌Note: To manually confirm or deny the changes in the patient's chart, from the Publishing Checklist, beside Confirm Patient Data Update request automatically, select No. See Publishing Qnaires.

Select No if you do not want the answer to populate the patient data point.


  • To move the question to a different position in the Qnaire, in the left side panel, click and drag the question to the suitable position.

  • To delete the question, in the top-right corner click X.

  • To duplicate a question click the copy icon at the bottom-right corner of the question.

6. To add more questions, click +New Question.

7. To publish the Qnaire, click Next Step.See Publishing your Qnaires.

📌 Note: If you edited an existing Qnaire and you are done, close the Qnaire builder window. The Qnaire builder automatically saves your changes.

Updated November 16, 2022

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