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Qnaire publishing checklist

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When you create a Qnaire, you must publish it before you can use it. All unpublished or draft Qnaires are shown at the bottom of your Qnaires list. Unpublished Qnaires can't be used.


1. In the Qnaire builder, click the Publish tab to review and edit the Publishing Checklist.

📌 Note: In the Publishing Checklist, the first 6 optional items are marked with either a green checkmark or a red cross. The green checkmark indicates the items that are complete. A red cross indicates the items that are incomplete.



Decide on a questionnaire title

This is the name of the Qnaire and how it appears in your CHR account and to your patients.

💡 Tip: To navigate back to the Publishing Checklist, click Publish.

Upload a descriptive image

This is the thumbnail of the Qnaire that you and the patient see.

To add (or edit) the image, click Change.
See Adding or modifying a Qnaire name, description, and icon.

Input your questions

The total number of questions (including follow up questions) is displayed.

To add (or edit) questions, click Change. See Adding question to Qnaire.

Set estimated time for completion

No time is added by default.

Type the estimated minutes it takes to complete the Qnaire in the Minutes field. This message appears at the start of the Qnaire.

Should there be a Score Meter?

The default is No.

Select Yes if you want a score meter (graph) associated to the Qnaire. This appears in all the patient's Qnaire Responses.

Score Meter Minimum Maximum Calculation

The default is Legacy.

If you have configured custom scores in your Qnaire, select Manual. You can add the minimum (in the min field) and maximum score value (in the max field) for your Qnaire.

Should this questionnaire be anonymous?

The default is No.

Select Yes if you want to make the Qnaire anonymous. The responses appear in the clinic's account inbox from an unknown sender. The Qnaire responses do not appears in any patient charts.

📌 Note: If the Qnaire is anonymous, it cannot be scored.

Alert Provider when patient has completed qnaire within the last

To receive an alert that the patient completed the Qnaire after a certain timeframe, type the number of days in the Day(s) field.

⚠️ Important: The alert is not sent to your CHR inbox, but to the email address entered below in the Alert Receiver Email field.

Should specific responses have a score metre?

The default is Yes.

Select No if you do not want to see a graph with scores associated to certain questions in the patient's Qnaire Responses.

Confirm Patient Data Update request automatically:

The default is No. You control what patient data is updated.

Select Yes if you want patient data to update automatically in the patient chart.

Redirect Patient to this URL

You can automatically link a patient to a website upon completion of the Qnaire.
At the end of a Qnaire, the patient is prompted to click a green button Click here to continue.

Enter the website URL in the https:// field.

Text displayed at the end of the questionnaire

You can add or edit a message that appears on completion of the Qnaire.

  1. Click Edit.
    The Edit Description window appears.

  2. Click inside the text box and type your message.
    💡 Tip: You can format your text using the formatting bar at the top of the message body.

  3. Click Save and Close.

Alert provider when score has...

The default is No.

You can be notified when your patient's Qnaire score has increased or decreased compared to their last Qnaire submission.

  1. Select Yes.

  2. Select increased or decreased.

You can specify when the score increases by a certain percentage or score:

  1. Select percent or score.

  2. Enter the specific percentage or score in the empty field.

⚠️ Important: The alert is not sent to your CHR inbox, but to the email address entered below in the Alert Receiver Email field.

Alert Receiver Email/Phone

Enter the email address where you want to receive all the alerts for the Qnaire.

Alert Receiver Phone

Enter the phone number where you want to receive all the alerts for the Qnaire.

2. To view the complete Qnaire, at the bottom-right, click Preview. The Qnaire appears in a new preview window.

💡 Tip: To edit any part of the Qnaire, click outside the preview window. You are brought back to the Publishing Checklist.

3. Click X in the browser tab to close the Qnaire builder and return to your CHR domain page.

4. Find the Qnaire that you want to publish.
📌 Note: All Qnaires in draft are at the bottom of the list labeled as Draft with a draft watermark over the icon.

5. Click + Publish > Okay to confirm the action.

Your Qnaire is now published and ready to be used.

📌 Note: If you want to unpublish your Qnaire, click - Unpublish > Okay to confirm the action. A Draft label appears under the name of the Qnaire and it moves to the bottom of the list of Qnaires.

Updated January 24, 2023

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