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Population-based funding (British Columbia)
Registering or de-registering patients for population-based funding (British Columbia)
Registering or de-registering patients for population-based funding (British Columbia)
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You can manually register a patient for population-based funding, or de-register a patient, using the PBF Registration widget in the dashboard view of the patient's chart.

📌 Note: You must add the PBF Registration widget to a patient's chart if it is not already present. For more information on adding a widget, refer to Customizing the patient dashboard.


1. At the top of the patient's chart, click the Dashboard icon to open the dashboard view of the chart.

2. In the PBF Registration widget, click Manage.

📌 Note: If there is a proposed registration or de-registration, the status in the widget shows as pending and you cannot manually change the registration status from the widget. Open the proposed registrations report and either accept or override the proposal to synchronize the patient's registration status in the CHR with the Health Insurance BC patient register. Refer to Managing proposed patient registration changes for population-based funding for more information.

3. Complete the fields to register or de-register the patient:

  • Status: To register a patient, select Registered from the list. To de-register a patient, select De-registered.

  • De-Registration Reason: Only available if you are de-registering a patient. Select a reason from the list. If you select Another reason, also enter a Note to explain the reason for de-registering the patient.

  • Practitioner:

    • If you are registering a patient, the patient's Primary Practitioner is selected by default. If the patient does not have a primary practitioner specified, and you are logged in as a provider, your name is selected. Otherwise, nothing is selected by default. Specify or change the practitioner, as needed.

    • If you are de-registering a patient, the patient's primary provider is displayed and cannot be changed.

    📌 Note: If you are registering the patient to a different provider, the patient will automatically be de-registered from the previous provider, and the Primary Practitioner in the patient's chart will be updated to the new provider.

  • Effective Date: The date of the registration or de-registration; defaults to the current date. Change it, if necessary.

  • Service Location: From the list, select the location where the provider sees the patient.

  • Comments: Type any additional information you want to record. Comments are for internal use only.

4. Click Submit when you are finished.

📌 Note: If the information cannot be submitted - for example, the selected provider does not have their facility number entered in their Billing settings or you did not complete a required field - an error message appears. Correct the errors and then submit the registration change again.

5. If you changed the Practitioner (i.e. registered the patient to a different provider), a message appears asking you to confirm updating the patient's Primary Practitioner in the CHR. Click Continue.

6. The widget displays the patient's current registration status. A new bill is created with the appropriate fee code (96090 for a registration or 96091 for a de-registration), a diagnosis code of 780, and the service date set to the registration or de-registration date. The bill is set as Ready to Submit and text is added to the Internal Notes field to indicate the bill was automatically generated.

📌 Note: If the bill is rejected by MSP (for example, because the patient's health number is incorrect), the registration change is reverted and is recorded in the registration history. The effective date of the change is set to the same date as the original registration or de-registration.

However, if the bill is rejected because the patient is already registered (or de-registered) - that is, the registration status in the CHR was incorrect but now matches the Health Insurance BC patient register - the change is not reverted.

Updated December 15, 2022

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