Using the PBF Registration widget you can view the patient's population-based funding registration at a specific point in time (for example, if you are back-dating a bill and want to know what the patient's PBF registration status was for the past service date).

PBF Registration widget in the patient dashboard

In the patient dashboard view of the chart, the PBF Registration widget displays the patient's current registration status. If it is between the 5th and 15th of the month and there is a proposed registration change for this patient, the widget indicates there is a Pending Registration or Pending De-Registration.

💡 Tip: Click the clock icon to view the history of changes to the patient's population-based funding registration in the CHR. See Viewing a patient's population-based funding registration history for more information.

To check the patient's registration status as of a certain date:

1. Click the Eligibility Check icon in the PBF Registration widget.

2. Enter a Date of Service up to 6 months in the past (you cannot enter a future date) and click Validate.

The status shows as Pending.

3. The PBF status for the patient for the selected date is returned from MSP overnight. At that point, the status updates to Completed and the PBF Code is displayed:

  • Blank: patient not eligible

  • Y: registered on the date of service

  • N: not registered on the date of service

  • O: registered at another clinic

  • R: not registered and pending registration to the clinic

  • D: registered and pending de-registration from the clinic

    💡 Tip: Hover your cursor over the displayed PBF Code to see the description.

    📌 Note: If you checked the patient's PBF eligibility multiple times, a row is displayed for each date you checked.

Updated November 17, 2022

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