CHR Release Notes - version 23.3
February 17, 2023
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What’s new in the CHR

Additional title option for user profiles

In a user profile, you can now select NP (nurse practitioner) as a Title option. As with other titles, the NP title also appears in the inbox and patient notifications. For more information, refer to Updating your user profile information.

New data variable for encounters, letters and message templates

You can now add a new variable called Health Profile List to your encounter, letters and message templates. This variable allows you to add and display a patient’s Medical Conditions, Surgical History and Family History as a list instead of a table. You can easily change the information in the list view without affecting the patient chart data.

Display improvements

Externally prescribed medications in Summary view

To further enhance the visual distinction between medications you prescribe and externally prescribed medications, the External column in the Active Medications section in the Summary view is now called Prescribed. Additionally, instead of showing a black dot for externally prescribed medications, the External label is now displayed in the column.

📌 Note: The Prescribed column only appears when there are externally prescribed medications recorded for the patient.

Renaming Administrative Notes

Any sections labelled as Administrative Note throughout the CHR are now labelled as Admin Notes. This removes any ambiguity between seeing two different labels for the same sections.

Alberta billing updates

Diagnosis code requirement validation

In Alberta, certain fee codes must be billed with a diagnosis code. Now, a warning appears when you try to save the bill in the Ready to Submit status without including a required diagnosis code.

For more information, refer to Creating provincial bills (Alberta).

New facilities

For Alberta, we added the following new facilities

Facility name

Facility ID

First Choice Medical clinic


Bonavista Medical Clinic


Momentum Health West Springs


PEI billing: Appeal form updates

When you’re generating an appeal form for a refused bill, you will now see help text to better assist you with what to include in your appeal.

The provider’s name is now included on the appeal form even if an MOA generates it. Additionally, a claim’s start time, if entered, is also included on the appeal form.

PEI: Location-based access

⚠️ Important: This feature must be enabled by TELUS Health so the changes may not be immediately visible in your system. If you want it enabled, please contact your clinic administrator.

Location-specific schedules

When managing a provider’s standard or flexible Work Hours, the location list shows only the locations that the provider is a member of.

Location-specific appointment bookings

When booking appointments, you can select only the locations and groups that you are a member of. Subsequently, the providers available for appointment booking are also limited to the ones that share the same locations or groups with you.

Creating and accessing location-specific forms

When creating forms, you are now required to select a location. The location list shows only the locations you are a member of. Also, you can only access forms for locations you are a member of or global forms.

💡 Tip: When creating forms, you can create a global form available to all locations.


  • The data variables Appointment Note and Appointment Service Name display the scheduled appointment data without any errors in either encounter or letter templates.

  • In Manitoba, the CHR now marks payments as Attention Required when a bill within the payment has a Refused status.

  • When you add a form from an encounter and save it, you are prompted to fill out any required fields that are left blank.

  • Any modifications to a Health Profile record are correctly recorded in its history.

  • When you open a failed fax from the inbox, clicking the Email button once again shows the email window and you can resend the fax via email.

  • When reviewing any inbox item, clicking the bottom-right arrow marks the item as done and opens the next item for review.

  • When printing any file or fax, the print preview no longer adds a blank page at the end of the document.

  • When re-prescribing a medication from an encounter, the quantity is now accurately calculated without copying it from the previous prescription.

  • When modifying a patient ID in patient demographics, you now receive a Duplication Warning only when adding and not when deleting a duplicate ID.

  • When sending a message using a message template, the Current User variable displays your name again.

What’s new in the CHR help

CHR now supports the Longitudinal Family Physician (LFP) Payment model in British Columbia. It is an alternative to the fee-for-service model and supports family physicians who provide longitudinal family medicine care. For detailed information, refer to Submitting your LFP Payment Model registration code (British Columbia).

💡 Tip: Additional external resources: the Ministry of Health's guide and the Doctors of BC webinar.

Updated February 15, 2023

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