Creating label templates
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You can create and use label templates to print different standard size labels, or to customize the content of the label. For example, you can have an address label configured to print the patient's mailing details, and a bloodwork label to print the patient's name, health card number and date of birth.

You can add patient data and other data variables to your label templates so that when you use it, information from the patient’s chart, as well as clinic and provider details, automatically pull into your label.

Each domain comes with a label called Patient Label. If you want something different, you can create your own label templates.

📌 Note: The pre-built patient label does not show in template settings and cannot be customized.

⚠️ Important: Only users with the Templates: Label permission can create or edit label templates. Once you create label templates, all users can use them. For more information, refer to Printing patient labels.


1. From the main menu, click Settings > Templates. The Template Settings section opens.

2. Click Label. A list of your current label templates appears.

💡 Tips:

  • Click the list next to the Add Template button to see All label templates, or only Archived or Active label templates.

  • To archive a label template, click the eyeball icon to the right of its name.

  • To copy an existing label template, click the copy icon to the right of its name. The duplicate template appears at the bottom of the list with the word copy at the end of its name.

3. To add a new template, click Add Template and the New Label Template window appears.

4. Enter your label template details using the following table as a reference.



Label Name

Enter a descriptive name for your template. This is the name you'll see in the list of Label templates when you choose Start/Open > Print Label.

Label Size

Select the Label Size that corresponds with the printer and label size you are using. A border shows as a visual indication of the printable area.

The following label sizes are available.

  • Brother (29*90mm)

  • DYMO white address label 30252 (1.125*3.5 in, or 28.6*89.9mm)

  • DYMO small multi purpose 30336 (1*2.125 in, or 25.4*54mm)

  • Zebra (1*2.125 in, or 25.4*54mm)


Enter the template body.

You can add free text. For example, add the name of the test to a bloodwork label.

Insert Variable

Click to add patient data variables to your label. For more information, see Adding data variables.

⚠️ Important:

  • Some complex patient data variables do not work for labels (for example Social History).

  • If it is an option, we recommend using Default under Visible Data.

5. Click Save. The label template is created and appears at the bottom of the list.

💡 Tip: You can customize the order of the templates by dragging and dropping them to the desired position in the list.

Updated March 06, 2023

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