ClinicAid Billing Integration
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ClinicAid billing provider is currently only available to CHR Clients in Alberta. A billing number is all that is required to setup this specific Integration.

Please note that when using the integration, for a claim to be sent to your ClinicAid account, you need to be logged into ClinicAid when you make the claim.

Email ClinicAid at to setup your membership.

  • Navigate to Settings > Billing > Public Billing Providers

  • Click on the Integrate Button next to ClinicAid

  • A Window will open to enter the API ID, Key, Billing Number and your Province.

  • Once this information has been entered, Click Authenticate. ClinicAid is now integrated with the CHR.

If there are any bills that were created before the integration, they can be manually attached to the billing provider.

Last updated: February 2021

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