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Adding follow-up questions to patient responses
Adding follow-up questions to patient responses
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You can add follow-up questions in response to a patient's answer to gather additional information. For example, you can ask patients a Yes/No question, and if they answer Yes, another related question is asked.


1. From the Questions page within a new or existing Qnaire, select the question and the choice option to which you want to add a follow-up question. For example, select the Yes option in a "Do you smoke" question.

See Creating Qnaires for information on how to navigate to the Questions page.

2. Hover over an answer option and select the type of question you want to create as the follow-up.

A Followup Question appears under the main question, separated by a dotted line.

3. Configure the question accordingly. See Adding questions to Qnaires.

4. To delete the follow-up question, click X at the top-right corner of the question.

📌 Note: You can create another follow-up question within a follow-up question.

Updated October 31, 2022

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