Prefilling Questions based on Patient Demographics 

  • When using the Form question type, to allow patients to directly add their demographics, ensure that the Data Property and Update Patient Data is selected. 

  • If a Patient already has some data in the System, Select the Pre-fill From Patient Data Option

Adding Follow Up Questions 

  • To add a follow up question based on the patient’s answer, hover the mouse over the response options and select the format of the follow up question.

  • This will open a follow up Question Creator.

  • More than one follow up question can be created and a follow up question within a follow up question can be created.

Reordering Questions 

  • To reorder the questions, simply drag and drop the questions from the side menu into the desired order. 

Creating Section Breaks 

  • To choose where the Qnaire will require the patient to select Next Page, insert Section Breaks. This can be done by first turning the Section Break option On.

  • A Section Break Creation Button will appear between each question. It can be added by Clicking on it. 

Alerting a Provider 

  • To alert the Patient’s provider Immediately based on a response, Check the Alert Message Checkbox in the question response.

Triggering a Qnaire 

  • To trigger another Qnaire based on a patient response, enter the Qnaire ID in the response.

  • The Qnaire ID is a 4 digit number which can be found in the URL of the Qnaire.

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