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CHR Release notes - version 23.17
CHR Release notes - version 23.17

August 30 2023

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Applying flexible working hours to more than one location and visit type at the same time

You can now have more than one Flexible Hour and Flexible Schedule Template applied to the same work hours. For example, you can have both Physical and Virtual visit types scheduled at the same time, or have a provider scheduled for Virtual hours at multiple locations at the same time.

Using the search in Settings to find section tab names

In the Settings search field, you can now also search by tab name. For example, a search for Tags shows Scheduling, Patient, Patient File and Pathways sections. This helps you find the section you are looking for without having to memorise how to navigate there.

Role-based access: Updates to folder permissions

Users can access personal folders if they have either User contents settings or Folders permission.


Below is a list of bugs we have identified and fixed in this release. For more information, contact our TELUS Health support team.

  • Users with Sync diagnostic code between encounter and billing items enabled no longer have their encounter notes stall at one second to save, and can once again save and sign the encounter.

  • You can upload attachments to encounter notes again.

  • When working in an encounter and you sign the encounter after cancelling a prescription, the Cancelled watermark once again shows across the prescription area of the encounter PDF.

  • Electronic lab values show a strikethrough instead of HTML code when the status, for example preliminary or final, is deleted or marked invalid by the lab vendor. Additionally when a lab result has multiple values grouped under one observation the status shows for both values individually.

  • You no longer get a Current password is invalid validation error when entering the password the app provides when setting up two-factor authentication for the first time.

  • Alberta: When adding a fee item and searching for codes, fee codes show for service dates older than 2000.

  • PEI: PrescribeIT: Users who only have List and Read permissions for Contacts no longer see the Check for updates button when searching for a contact in the Provider Registry and cannot modify Contacts.

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