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Editing or deleting manually entered lab results
Editing or deleting manually entered lab results
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⚠️ Important: This is currently a beta feature, available to a few CHR beta users in order to test and provide feedback. It will be available to more users once the beta period is complete.

When you manually record lab results, you can edit or delete individual lab results and you can edit the category before saving the lab report.

📌Note: Once you save the lab report, you can no longer edit any of the fields. You can only archive the entire report. For more information, refer to Archiving patient files.


1. Before saving the lab report, click the pencil icon to edit the lab result or category for a set of lab results.

If you edit the category for an individual lab result, it is removed from the existing category and is listed under the new category. To change the category for all listed lab results, click the pencil icon beside the category name (in bold at the top of the list of results).

2. Click the trash can icon to delete a lab result. If you delete all results in a category, the category is also deleted.

3. Save your changes to generate the lab report PDF.

Updated September 1, 2023

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