A newborn baby patient will not have an assigned MSP number. You can therefore bill MSP, using the Mother's Personal Health Identification (PHN). 

⚠️ Important: As a first step, add the baby to your system. See Adding a patient.

  • Under Identifications, select MSP and add an arbitrary identification value (e.g. 9999999999)

  • This MSP number must be replaced once the baby has a valid MSP number.


  1. Create an insured bill. See Creating an insured bill from a patient's chart (BC).

  2. When adding Fee Item, select the Advanced Fields check box
    The window will extend with additional fields

  3. Select the Newborn checkbox
    The window will extend again with an additional field

  4. Type the Mother's PHN in the textbox.

    📌 Note: Do not add any additional numbers (i.e. 66) to the Mother's PHN, the CHR will configure this automatically on submission.

Updated: May 5, 2021

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