InputHealth as a built in message system that is used as a task list, an Inbox for faxes and an interoffice message system, allowing you to only have to check one spot for all of your incoming communication. 

There are two main ways to send an interoffice message. The first is through the Inbox. When in your Inbox, you can create a message by clicking the New Message button in the top right hand corner.

This will open the Message dialogue box where you will need to select your recipient, enter a title and body of your message. If this is a message that you send all of the time, you may want to configure a message template to save you time. You can access the Message template tutorial by clicking here.

You can also Add Attachments, either from a patient chart, or from your computer:

In this example, a Qnaire response will be attached. Notice how the patients that are currently opened in my patient list automatically populate, saving search time. 

If the patient is not in the auto populated list, use the search function to find them in your patient database.

The three documents that are relevant have been clicked. Once complete, hit Select. This adds them to your message.

You can now hit Submit to send your message.

Note: if you minimize your Inbox message, it is lowered to the bottom of your screen:

To send a message with the entire patient chart attached, first go to that Patients Chart. For our full tutorial on searching for patients, please click here.

Once you have the patient open, either on the Standard or Summary view, click the Inbox Message button.

This will open the Message dialogue box with the entire patient chart attached.

Once you have entered the recipient, title and message, hit Submit.

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