You can create waiting lists in the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) to help you manage referred patients who are waiting for appointments. You may require multiple waiting lists to manage your patients effectively.

For example, a general surgery clinic has two referral waiting lists: waiting for a consultation and waiting for surgery.


  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Referral.

  2. Click the Waiting lists tab.

    💡 Tip: To delete a created waitlist, click the X next to the waitlist.

  3. Click Add Waiting List.
    A New Waiting List window appears.

  4. In the Name field type the name of your waitlist.

  5. (Optional) Under Short Description, type a description of the waitlist.

    📌 Note: The short description appears under the name of the waitlist in the referral module.

    💡 Tip: If you have created more than one waiting list, you can re-order them by dragging and dropping into the order you prefer.

  6. Click Save.

⚠️ Important: Do not delete waiting lists if you already have patients/ referrals within them.

Updated June 14, 2021

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