The patient portal allows you and your health care provider to securely interact with with each other.

You can:

  • View messages from your provider,

  • Respond to messages from your provider (if clinic allows),

  • View past and future clinic appointments,

  • Book, modify and cancel appointments (if clinic allows),

  • View and modify your demographic information as displayed in their clinic chart,

  • Register at a clinic.


  1. Open the email/ sms notification that you received.

  2. From the email, click Read Message (in the case of sms, click on the specific link).

    A new page opens.

  3. Enter the one time password (OTP) you received in the email/ sms notification.

    ⚠️ Important: The OTP expires after:
    - A minimum of 15 minutes (depending on clinic setup)

  4. Enter your date of birth

  5. (Optional) You can select the checkbox next to Stay logged in to remain logged in for 30 days.

  6. Click LOGIN.
    A new page opens with the portal message displayed.

📌 Note: The above clinic allows the patient to reply to the message. Some clinics may have this option disabled.

💡 Tip: For more details on how to use the patient portal, see Navigating the patient portal (for patients).

Updated: May 10, 2021

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