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Adding forms to encounters
Adding forms to encounters

How to include a form in an encounter

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You can add forms in the Attachments section of an encounter. Many pre-configured standard electronic forms are available, or you can build forms specific to your clinic. See Creating form templates for more information.

Adding an electronic form to an encounter allows you to automatically populate the form with patient, clinic, and provider data. Some fields of a form may also be configured to push data from the completed form back to the patient chart (by clicking Update template data when one or more fields in the form have the function enabled).


1. In the open encounter, scroll down to the Attachments section.

2. Click +Add Form. The Select Form Template window opens.

3. Select a form from the list. You can enter text in the search field to narrow the options.

4. Once you've clicked on a form, if an autofill template is associated with that form, the Auto Fill Templates window opens. Use the options on this window to determine which auto-fill data to add to the form. Click Apply to commit the data to the form. See Using autofill templates on forms for more information.

5. The selected form opens. Add data as needed to the form. See Using electronic forms for more information.

6. When your form is complete, click Save. The form is added to the Attachments portion of the encounter. Click the row to reopen the form, if needed.

7. Click a button to perform one of these other actions:



Print the form.

Save the form as a PDF.

Fax the form without a cover page.

Delete the form. This button is only available as long as the encounter has not been signed.

Once a form is added to an encounter, it is available in the Forms section of the patient's chart, regardless of whether the encounter has been signed.

Updated May 20, 2022

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