When a claim has a status: Refused due to incorrect demographics, this can be easily fixed through the bill.

📌 Note: Click on the red X to see an explanation for an invalid PHN.


  1. Open a bill.

  2. Under Patient / Identification, click the person icon.

    The patient chart (dashboard view) opens.

  3. Click Update Information and modify the patient demographics (i.e. PHN).

  4. Ensure the demographics are correct and the PHN is registering as valid.
    ⚠️ Important: Making changes in the patient chart do not automatically change the refused / rejected bill.

  5. Open the claim again and under Patient/ Identification, click the patient name.

    The Patient Information window appears.

  6. Click the refresh button at the top right.
    📌 Note: This applies any changes made to the patient chart to the existing claim.

  7. Change the status of the claim to Ready to Submit.

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