1. Ensure that the patient's Health Identification/Personal Health Number is under the correct "Insurer".

    a. Navigate to Settings > Patient > Patient Identification

    📌 Note: If you do not see the specific identification add a new one. See Adding additional patient identifiers

    b. Navigate to the specific patient chart > click Update Information

    c. Update Patient pop up window appears

    d. Click + Add New Identification

    e. Create Identification pop up window appears

    f. Select the Identification Type from the drop down menu

    g. Enter the additional required information (province specific)

    h. Click Okay

  2. Continue create an insured billing item as per usual. See MDBilling Workflow.

    📌 Note: The Billing template is still OHIP, ie. you will still use OHIP codes when creating a bill.

The bill will be submitted to MDBilling as a RMB (reimbursed medical plan patient) and MDBilling will manage the bill accordingly.

⚠️ Important:

Quebec patients are excluded from the above. The Ministry of Health (MOH) does not have reciprocal billing with Quebec. We recommend that clinics bill their patients directly. The patient should be reimbursed by RAMQ.


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