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Validation Errors that occur when trying to sign an Encounter
Validation Errors that occur when trying to sign an Encounter

This article describes common errors you might see when trying to sign off on an encounter.

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You may run into some issues when trying to sign an Encounter before moving on to your next patient. These errors can show up as Validation Errors when hitting the sign button. This article will go through common roadblocks and how you can solve them!

1. Validation Error

A validation error can pop up when trying to sign en encounter, with minimal reason as to what happened. When you see this error, it typically is billing related:

  • Billing Practitioner has not been selected. To fix this, you will need to choose a billing practitioner

  • Validation Error due to a specific bill. You could have a bill that is missing a billing code or a diagnostic code.

  • Something is wrong with the patient's ID. This means that either their ID is not associated with an Issuer (commonly seen in BC billing) or their ID is missing info, like an MHSC number (commonly seen in MB Billing).

2. Schedule Email and Phone Can't be Blank

This error occurs when there is a scheduled Qnaire that needs to be created after the encounter is signed. The Qnaire is scheduled to be sent to either the Patient's Email or Phone. One of them is blank. There is therefore no information in that specific section of the patient chart.

To fix this:

  • Change how the scheduled Qnaire will be sent by clicking on the Qnaire under the Automated Follow Up section of the Encounter and changing the Delivery Method, OR

  • By adding the missing info to the patient chart, OR

  • Completely Removing the Qnaire from the specific encounter

3. Schedule Provider Alert time or Value cannot be blank

This error again entails the scheduled Qnaire in the encounter. Just like the error above, there are a couple of ways to solve this:

  • Navigate to the Qnaire under the Automated Follow Up section of the encounter.

  • Click on the Qnaire and proceed to the Advanced tab.

  • Here, you will see that there is either an email or phone filled out, but one of the time options is missing (see image below)

  • Remove the email/phone or add a value for when the reminder is sent.

You also have the option of removing the Qnaire to resolve the validation error 👍

4. Demographic Patient Data Mismatching

You may get an error that looks like this:

This occurs when you are updating patient data with something that does not fit an internal validation. The error above means that in this encounter, there is a patient data point, specifically the patient's email, that is being updated with a format other than an email. It would look like this:

To fix this, you must find the patient data and update it to a valid email address.

If none of the above workarounds have helped, or you have more questions. Please reach out to the InputHealth Support Team! 😀

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