You can communicate with the OLIS system to retrieve laboratory results from within the CHR.

📌 Note: You have to manually retrieve lab results for patients from their chart. Only once a report is saved to the patient chart, will it appear in the provider's inbox.

Steps (to query OLIS for patient's lab results)

  1. From a patient chart, click Start/Open > Patient Files.

  2. Click OLIS

    The query screen - InputHealth OLIS Viewer will appear.
    Pre-populated with key information:

    • Patient’s Name and Date of Birth

    • Initiating Provider’s name and CPSO number.

  3. Mandatory fields must be filled out.

Date & Time Period to Search


Observation Date & Time Period

(Start date and optionally end date)

Requesting HIC

(defaults to your name if your CPSO/CNO number is set up in your CHR Profile. See Adding credentials to your profile)

💡 Tip: You can adjust various filters for your query, i.e. date ranges, specific tests.

4. Two actions can be performed from the OLIS query screen




  • Constructs a query using all the parameters.

  • A real time search in OLIS is performed.

  • Results are returned in real time.


  • Users can access previously searched results for a specific patient.

  • Any matching previews will show up by date and when selected.

  • Not a live query - any additional parameters set or changed has no effect.

  • See Previewing and Saving OLIS Lab Reports.


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