InputHealth has been designed to initially create a place (Facility), in order for you to save your contact(s). This will help you find a specific contact that works at various facilities.

For Example: Dr Gregory House works at two Facilities: Clinic A and Clinic B. You would like to refer a patient to his Clinic B.

Adding a New Facility and/or Contact to your InputHealth Account:

  • Navigate to the Contacts Dashboard

  • Add a Facility by clicking on "New Facility" button in the top right hand corner of your screen

  • The Update Facility dialogue box will open

  • Enter the name of the Facility (alternatively enter the address or name of the clinician if there is not Facility),

  • Enter demographic information and other relevant information

  • Click Save.

This will open the newly created Facility. Here you can add a Contact by clicking the "New Contact" Button.

  • The New Contact dialogue box will open, where you can add all the necessary demographic details of the Contact.

  • Click Save.

The Contact is now searchable in the system.

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