The billing item template allows you to create custom grouping of codes.

For example:

  • Product Codes

  • Private Pay Codes

  • Third Party Codes

Adding a Billing Item Template

  • Navigate to Settings > Billing > Billing Item Template

  • Select the Gear Icon

  • A 'Billing Providers' window will appear > click + Add Button

The sky is the limit on the type of template you want to create. You can create and add custom codes, short descriptions, amounts, warning text and applicable tax.

Custom codes can be added for each billing template by clicking on Code > +Add.

Custom codes and amounts can also be changed at any time by clicking on the specific item.

Invoices associated to a customized Billing Item Template:

If you need an invoice for your billing item template, contact the CHR Support Team.

We would need the following:

  • Your Clinic letterhead

  • Your Clinic address information

  • Any special information (GST number, etc.)

Last updated: February 2021

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