Third-party billing
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If your clinic bills third parties for services or products, you can create these billing items similar to how you bill the province. Typical third parties include lawyers and private insurance companies.

When you create a third-party bill, you select the name of the company or person you want to bill. If the third party is not yet listed in your system, you can add the third party right from the bill. When you save third-party bills, you select from a preset code/product list or enter payment information for the bill. If the person or company is paying at a later time, you can enter payment information when you receive payment.

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The TELUS Collaborative Health Record has a default third party billing template called Third Party.

The third party billing template has an invoice template associated with it. You can print, email or fax the invoice. You can create your own templates, or edit the default invoice template (see Third-party invoice templates).

The billing template must either be linked with an established billing code list or you must manually add codes. When you create the bill and select the billing template as the payment issuer, this code list is searchable. To learn more about managing your code list, see Private and third-party billing code templates.

Updated August 9, 2022

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