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Private and third-party billing code templates
Private and third-party billing code templates
Custom billing templates for private services
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Each clinic has a pre-built default third-party billing template called Third Party and a private billing template called Private Pay. You can configure these templates or add additional ones. These templates are used when billing from the Insured Billing section of the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR).

When you choose this billing template while creating your bill, you can search and select a code from the billing code list that you have configured.

To configure the billing template, you can manually add codes or link to an established billing code list, such as provincial fee items.


  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Billing.

  2. Under Billing Item Template click the gear icon. A Billing Providers window opens.

  3. Click +Add to create a new template or click an existing template's name to edit it. The Edit Payment Issuer window opens.

Manually add codes

  1. From the Edit Payment Issuer window, ensure that Payment Form Type is set to General.

  2. Click Save, and the Billing Provider window appears again.

  3. Next to the template name, click Code. A Billing/Fee Code window opens.

  4. At the top-right corner, click +Add and a New Code window opens.

  5. Type the Code, Short Description and Amount.

  6. From the Currency list, choose your currency.

  7. To show warning text under this billing item, click Edit under Warning Text to enter a warning. The warning text appears when the billing item is selected.

  8. Under Applicable Tax, select GST if you would like to include GST.

    📌 Note: This only appears if you have configured tax for your CHR. You can configure tax by navigating to Settings > Tax.

  9. Click Submit.

Link an established billing code list

  1. From the Edit Payment Issuer window, click the template name.

  2. From the Payment Form Type list, choose the billing code list you would like to link.

  3. Click Save.

Updated August 10, 2022

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