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Assigning billing permissions to users
Assigning billing permissions to users
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For a CHR user to bill, they require certain permission. Alternatively you can create a specific billing user role allowing you to apply the same user permissions to users in the future. See Creating and modifying user roles.

See Modifying a user's permissions for more information on how to add permissions.

The following permissions a CHR user requires to bill within the CHR.




You need to communicate with providers or other clinic team members.


You need to access the Schedule and Visits dashboard to check appointments and subsequently created billing items.


You need to access certain areas of the chart:

  • Files

  • Appointments

  • Billing History

Archive Patients (optional)

Depending on your clinic policy, patients may need to be archived.

Merging Patients (recommended)

Duplicate patients are often found through billing.


You need to add referring providers to billing items.

Billing Dashboard

You need to review and manage all created billing items.

Public Billings

Used for Insured billing or custom template billing

Private Billings

Used for adding private bills, invoices and process payments.


If applicable.

View Embedded Views

This is for users who want to view their billing (snapshots) if they have Analytics.

Billing Settings (optional)

  • To add custom and third party codes

  • To create Billing Tags

Last updated: February 2021

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