You receive the report in your inbox, if your license (CPSO) number matches the one on the report, otherwise the report goes into a shared default inbox. The lab report will also save to the assigned patient chart (under Patient Files). For unmatched labs, see Managing unmatched lab reports.

⚠️ Important: Ensure your licence number is saved under your profile (see Adding credentials to your profile).

To configure HRM for your domain or connect a new provider, see Health Report Manager (HRM) (Ontario).

The Collaborative Health Record (CHR) automatically connects to and downloads HRM reports every 30 minutes by default.

📌 Note: CHR account owners can change the auto-polling interval to anywhere between 30minutes to 6 hours by clicking Settings > OntarioMD > Settings. Click the field under Polling Interval and select a timeframe. Click Save HRM Settings. The appropriate interval depends on how frequently your clinic needs to be aware of new reports. See Configuring your HRM polling interval (Ontario).

💡 Tip: Account owners can manually download reports at any time by clicking the cloud icon in the upper right corner of the inbox and refreshing the page after a few seconds.

Updated: April 14, 2022

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