The Ministry of Health (MOH) introduced a temporary list of billing codes (K087, K088, K089) that allow you to bill services for uninsured patients (e.g. a patient whose health card has expired). See Funding services for patients with no provincial health insurance during COVID-19 for more information.

⚠️Important: Ensure that you have created one patient in both your CHR and MDBilling portal with the the following provincial health number: 9777777779. See Billing services to the Ministry of Health that are not linked to a patient.


  1. In the CHR, open the patient chart of the fake patient with provincial health number: 9777777779.

  2. Create a bill and add the K code.

  3. Submit the bill to MDBilling. MDBilling submits the claim to the Ministry of Health without the patient details.

Updated November 18, 2021

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