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Provincial (OHIP) billing (Ontario)
Billing services to the Ministry of Health that are not linked to a patient
Billing services to the Ministry of Health that are not linked to a patient
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Because ministry bills can only be created for individual patients, when you bill non-patient related service codes, you use a fake patient with a health card number 9777777779.

You must add this fake patient both to MD Billing and to the CHR (if the fake patient hasn't yet been created). In the CHR, you can then bill from the fake patient's chart.

Some examples of applicable service codes include:

  • Preventive care incentives (Q codes)

  • Uninsured patient services (K codes such as the temporary COVID-19 codes K087, K088 and K089)


1. From any browser, log into your MD Billing account.

2. In the left pane, under Patients, click New Patient. The EDIT OHIP PATIENT window opens.

3. In the Health Card Number field, type 9777777779.

4. In the Payment Program list, select HCP.

5. In the Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth and Gender fields, enter any value.

💡 Tip: Information in these fields is not submitted to the ministry.

6. Click Save.

7. In the CHR, create a new patient with the following OHIP number: 9777777779 (if you haven't created the patient already). See Creating patients.

💡 Tip: You can use any name, birthdate and gender.

8. Using a matching fake patient in the CHR, you can now bill non-patient related codes to the ministry. See Billing the Ministry of Health for annual Cumulative Preventive Care Bonuses (Q-codes) and Creating bills for uninsured patients during COVID-19.

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