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Adding patients to group visits
Adding patients to group visits
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You can add patients to a group visit while you are booking the visit, or after the visit was scheduled. For information about how to book a group visit, see Booking group visits.


1. In the schedule, click the group visit to open it.

2. From the Patients tab, click +Add and search for a patient. Select a patient from the list to add them to the visit.

3. For each patient, you can specify a Reason for attending the group and set a different appointment status than the default for the group.

💡 Tip: You can click the person icon to open that patient's chart, click the pencil icon to edit that patient's demographics, and click the trash can icon to remove the patient from the group visit.

4. Click Save when you are finished adding patients to the visit.

📌 Note: If the number of patients added exceeds the number of available slots, a warning appears that the group was overbooked. If you wish to continue anyway, click Skip. Otherwise, use the trash can icon to remove patients from the visit.

5. In the Confirm Notifications window, choose which patients you'd like to notify. If you added a new patient to an existing group, you are not prompted to send notifications to patients who are already registered for the group.

Updated May 4, 2022

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