Outgoing referrals

Create and track outgoing referrals to external providers or internal providers within your clinic

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Within the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR), you can create referrals to other providers within your clinic (see Creating internal referrals) or external to your clinic (see Creating external referrals). The CHR enables you to easily create referral letters from your encounter notes, a form, or the Referrals area of the patient chart.

Once you create referrals, clinic staff can easily manage and track all referrals from the Referrals dashboard (or list). For example, they can see which letters require sending, update the status of referrals, or update the referral with information received from the other provider (see Managing outgoing referrals).

The CHR includes a referral workflow that uses referral statuses and assigns required actions to each status. For example, when you change an outgoing referral status to Received (which indicates the the other provider confirmed they received it), you can automatically archive the referral. You can configure your referral statuses and actions to meet the needs of your clinic's workflow (see Configuring outgoing referral statuses).

All outgoing referrals for a patient are available in the Referrals section of their chart (see Viewing patients' referrals).

Updated August 11, 2021

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