Before you can configure custom scoring in Qnaires, you must first add score modifiers to the answer options (choice options) that patients select when completing Qnaires. The score modifier values are used in the custom score formula you configure for your Qnaire. See Configuring custom scores in Qnaires.

Here is an example.
Question: How often have you had trouble relaxing?




Not at all



Several days



Over half the days



You can use scoring (score modifiers) in the following question types: Multi-select, Radio, Select Box, Button, Slider, Numerical and Star.


  1. Open an existing question or create a new question in a Qnaire. See Creating and modifying Qnaires.

  2. Click a choice option (answer option).
    A window opens.

  3. Under Score Modifier, type a positive or negative value.

  4. For numerical question types, the value that the patient enters is typically used to score. However, if you want to score a specific range in which the value the patient enters falls, you can use score modifiers.

    a. Open an existing or create a new numerical question.

    b. In the numeric question window, select No for Use input value for scoring.
    c. Under the question, click New Option.



Enter Option

Leave blank.

This field is not applicable for numerical question types. Numerical question have no options to select from. Patients can only enter one numerical value.

Score Modifier

Select a score between -10 and +10 by clicking and dragging the slider button.

This is used for custom scoring. See Configuring custom scores in Qnaires.

Value Ranges

Next to From, type the start of the value range.

Next to To, type the end of the value range.

For example: Question: How many alcoholic drinks do you consume per week?

Value Ranges: From: 1; To: 3
Score Modifier: 1

Natural Language Conversion

Leave blank. This field is not applicable for numerical question types.

📌 Note: The value entered by the patient as the answer pulls into the history section of an encounter if natural language conversion is set up under the question. See Creating numerical question types.

Created October 15, 2021

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