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Auditing provincial bills from the Visits dashboard (Ontario)
Auditing provincial bills from the Visits dashboard (Ontario)
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The Visits dashboard shows all scheduled appointments for a selected date. You can use it as a tool to audit billing items associated with appointments to ensure that they are correct before you submit them to MDBilling and the Ministry of Health (MOH).

You can check if bills have been created for each appointment by the assigned provider. If you see that scheduled appointments are missing billing items, you can add them from here. You can also check if health cards are valid and make adjustments from here if required.


1. Customise the Visits dashboard to view only the information you need to see, e.g. view only the columns Appointment, Patient, Insured.

📌 Note: The Visits dashboard is customisable on a per user basis.

2. Filter the Visits dashboard to see only the information pertinent to you. You can filter by location, date and time, provider, appointment status and appointment type.

💡 Tip: Scroll between days using the the backward and forward arrows.

3. Review the dashboard on a daily basis.

📌 Note: Any billing items that have been associated to an appointment are visible from here.

a. Under the Insured column, look for missed provincial bills and check that the created bills are correct. Click the code or empty space to add or edit insured billing items.

b. Under the Appointment or Insured column, check if the health card is valid. If not, click the red X to view the error and correct it by clicking the pencil icon. The Update Patient window opens. Correct the patient information.

c. Under the Insured column, open the bill to check the status of the bill, i.e. if the bills are submitted to MDBilling.

Updated November 23, 2021

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