If you're required to submit a form 8/11 with a WSBC bill, from your encounter, you can open and fill in the form from the bill by clicking the +WSBC button. This attaches the form to the bill and applies the form service code. You can then add the appropriate age-based visit service code. You can also produce WSBC reports and bill from the Visits dashboard (see Billing WorkSafe BC from the Visits dashboard for visits requiring a form 8/11.)

⚠️ Important: At this time, when you submit a WSBC form as part of a bill, you cannot go back and see or modify what was written in the report. For this reason, you should always write your notes in the encounter itself, or in a form template. You can then copy your notes into the bill form. Tip: Create a WSBC encounter template or form that mimic's the WSBC forms.


1. In the encounter, type all your visit notes for the WSBC visit.

2. From the encounter, in the Billing Items area, click + WSBC.

The Add WSBC Claim window opens.

3. If a WSBC form was previously submitted from the CHR for this patient, you're prompted to pre-populate the form with the same information recorded in the previous form.

To pre-populate the form, click Okay. If this is a new claim and you want to start an empty form, click Cancel.

4. In the Form Type section, under Claim Status, leave Draft - validation off selected. This allows you to fill in, save, re-open and edit the form until you're ready to submit it.

📌 Note: Do not change the Claim Status to Ready - validation on unless you're ready to submit the WSBC bill. When you select this status and save the form, the bill is submitted to Teleplan, and you cannot view or edit the form. For this reason, it's preferable to change the status to Ready to submit from the bill itself, when you know the bill and the form is ready.

5. Under Select Form Type, select the report you want to fill in.

6. Fill in the remainder of the form.

💡 Tips:

  • Click the numbered tabs at the top to jump back-and-forth between different sections of the form.

  • You know the required information in each section is complete when a checkmark appears beside the section name and the section turns green. The section number at the top also turns green.

7. At the bottom of the form, click Save.

The WSBC form service code appears in the bill with some basic claim information.

8. To review or edit the form before you submit it, click the form billing item.

9. Add the age-specific MSP visit service code to the bill:

a) At the top of the Billing Items area, click Insured Billing.

b) In the Code field, enter the visit code that applies for the patient's age (for example, 100)

c) Select the WSBC Claim check box. The WSBC Additional Fields appear.

📌 Note: If you have previously submitted a WSBC claim for this patient, you're prompted to allow the CHR to auto-fill the WSBC Additional Fields with information from the previous claim.

d) Fill in the WSBC Additional Fields with the same information that is in the form.

e) Click back to the encounter. Two service codes (form fee and visit fee) are applied to the bill.

As soon as the bill status changes to Submitted, you can no longer view or edit the WSBC form.

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Updated: November 8, 2021

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