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WorkSafe BC (WSBC) Billing (British Columbia)
Generating a PDF copy of a WorkSafeBC form (British Columbia)
Generating a PDF copy of a WorkSafeBC form (British Columbia)
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When you fill in a WorkSafeBC (WSBC) form 8 or 11 as part of a WSBC claim (see Billing WorkSafeBC from the Visits dashboard for visits requiring a form 8/11 or Billing WorkSafeBC from encounters for visits requiring a form 8/11), after you save or submit the claim, you can generate a PDF copy of the form. This allows you to view, print, fax or save a copy of the form to the patient's chart. For example, if a patient or lawyer requests a copy.


1. Open the saved or submitted WSBC bill from:

  • The Insured Billing area of the patient's chart

  • The encounter

  • The Visits dashboard or

  • The Billing dashboard

2. Beside the WorkSafeBC form fee, click the Print icon.

If your account is set up to do so, you're prompted to select a cover page.

3. To include a cover page on the PDF, select the cover page; otherwise, leave None selected and click Save. The PDF preview is generated.

4. At the top of the PDF preview you can choose to Download, Print, Email or Fax the PDF.

5. To add a copy of the PDF report to the patient's chart:

a) Click Download. The file is saved to your computer's Downloads folder.

b) Upload the file from your computer to the patient's chart. See Uploading patient files.

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Updated: January 5, 2021

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