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Provincial (OHIP) billing (Ontario)
Creating inpatient and outpatient provincial bills (Ontario)
Creating inpatient and outpatient provincial bills (Ontario)
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Inpatients are patients who were admitted to a hospital or nursing home. Outpatients are those patients who were seen in an institution but who were not admitted (such as the emergency room of a hospital).

Before you submit any inpatient or outpatient claim to the Ministry of Health (MOH) (see Submitting claims to the MOH from your MDBilling portal), you must add an institution to your outpatient claims and institution and admission date to your inpatient claims.


  1. Create provincial bills as per usual. See Provincial billing workflow (Ontario).

  2. Submit the bills to MDBilling. See Submitting provincial (OHIP) bills to MDBilling.

  3. Log in to your MDBilling account and click Saved Claims.

  4. Search for and open the inpatient or outpatient saved claim.

  5. From the Claim - ID (Saved) window, click the Facility field and start typing the MOH institution code or name of the institution and select the applicable one from the list.

  6. For inpatient claims, click the Admission Date field and type the date (DD/MM/YYYY format) or select the date from the calendar that appears.

  7. Click Save.

Updated: November 23, 2021

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