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Configuring your eReferrals
Configuring your eReferrals
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Using the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) eReferrals feature, clinicians can send referrals to your clinic electronically, via the secure eReferral portal. These referrals appear directly in your Incoming referrals folder. If configured accordingly, patients can also use the portal to self-refer to your clinic.

For more information, see eReferrals.


1. From the main menu, click Settings > Referral > E-Referral.

2. Customize your eReferrals using the following options:

📌 Note: These settings are clinic-wide.

eReferral setting



(Optional) To limit who can submit eReferrals and require providers or patients to enter a code before they can submit an eReferral, enter a unique passcode.

If you leave this blank, eReferrals can be created without a code.

📌 Note: If enabled, you must give the provider or patient the passcode so that they can submit eReferrals.

Referral Options (types)

Select from whom you want to receive eReferrals.

  • Existing Provider: Providers that already exist in your Contacts.

📌 Note: Existing providers are verified based on their billing number. If they do not have a billing number, you must add one in their contact information.

  • New Provider: Providers that do not yet exist in your contacts.

  • Self Referral by Patient: Patients / Non-providers.

📌 Note: You can select more than one of the above options.

⚠️ Important: If you select none, only clinicians known to your clinic can use the eReferral portal to refer patients.

Patient info

Show or hide patient Identification, Country or Address fields when collecting patient information.

Reasons for referral

From your existing Presenting Issues and Qnaires, select what shows on the eReferral portal page.

Click +Add Reason and select a reason from the list. Optionally add a triage Qnaire. Click +Add Qnaire. Click Save. Repeat for other presenting issues as required.

💡 Tips:

  • Presenting Issues will appear for all eReferrals (existing Provider, new provider, self referral).

  • Triage Qnaires will launch in the order they are added.

Service Practitioner

Select the Service Practitioner (one of the CHR practitioner users) option for Referrals on your eReferral portal.

Choose whether a service practitioner is Required, Not Required, or if you want to Hide the Service Practitioner option completely.

📌 Note: This setting applies only to existing or new providers and not self-referrals.


Select your Attachment option.

Choose whether an attachment is Required, Not Required, or if you want to Hide the Attachment option completely.

3. Click Save E-Referral Settings.

💡 Tip: To customize the text on your eReferral portal, see Customizing the text on your eReferral portal.

Updated March 14, 2022

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