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eReferrals enable providers outside of your clinic and patients to submit referrals electronically, via the eReferral portal, to your TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) domain. eReferrals flow directly into the Referrals section of your CHR, removing the step of having to create a referral from an incoming fax or file.

eReferrals is included in your CHR monthly subscription fees, there is no pre-configuration needed by TELUS. To configure your eReferrals, see Configuring your eReferrals.

You can link triage questionnaires to incoming referral requests and gather patient demographic information.

💡 Tip: To access and create eReferrals, use the following URL:, where clinicdomainname is your clinic’s unique domain name.

eReferrals can be initiated by:

  • Existing provider: A provider already in your contacts

  • New provider: A provider not previously added to your contacts

  • Self Referral: A patient

Managing eReferrals

All eReferrals go into the Incoming folder within your CHR Referrals section. Referrals initiated by a patient have an ordering provider of Self Referral. Referrals initiated by existing and new providers show the referring provider’s name, as entered on the eReferral portal Clinician details page, and they look the same as all other incoming referrals. You then manage these incoming referrals the same as referrals from within your clinic (see Incoming referrals).

💡 Tip: You can filter by presenting issues specific to eReferrals to see only eReferrals.

To create a new eReferral, see Creating an eReferral.

Updated March 11, 2022

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