Incoming referrals

Create and track incoming referrals from other providers

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If providers in your clinic receive incoming referrals, either from providers outside of your clinic or from other providers within your clinic as internal referrals, you can use the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) to manage and triage them.

You may receive incoming referrals as messages within the CHR from where you can manage and triage the referral (see Creating incoming referrals from the inbox). Or, you may receive a referral as a fax (see Creating referrals from a file). In either case, if the patient does not yet exist in your system, you can add them from the information in the referral (see Adding new patients from incoming referrals).

Once you triage your incoming referrals, you can send referral acceptance, rejection, or waitlist letter to the referring provider (see Sending referral acceptance/rejection/waitlist letters) and also book appointments (see Booking appointments from referrals).

After an encounter with a referred patient, the provider can create a letter that includes their consult report and send it to the referring provider (see Sending letters).

📌 Note: Incoming referrals can also come from eReferrals, see eReferrals.

Updated August 13, 2021

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