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Billing fee-for-service as a salaried physician (PEI)
Billing fee-for-service as a salaried physician (PEI)
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If you are a salaried physician in PEI and you are working outside your salaried hours, you can bill for fee-for-service work preformed.


  1. Depending on your workflow, you can create insured bills from an encounter, patient's chart or Visits dashboard.

  2. When billing fee-for-service, add or change the following when creating a billing item:
    a. Check that the Facility Type and Facility are correct and if not, modify them by clicking the Facility Type / Facility and selecting one from the list.
    b. Select Advanced Fields and change the Responsible For Pay from Medicare to Other.
    c. Click Edit Comment. Type in the yellow Comment text box that appears, e.g FFS billing outside salaried hours. When done, click Update.

Created: Updated January 5, 2021

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